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the nyc premiere of the film “twin primes”, in which catherine plays the role of victoria page, head of special homicide, will take place on october 19, 2012. below is a group shot of the cast and crew and the trailer for the film. further details of the premiere to be announced as the date approaches, so stay tuned.



monday, sept 10th at 8pm: staged reading at signature theatre (480 west 42nd street) of “little children dream of god,” a new play by jeff augustin, directed by david e. bruin of snapdragon theatre. risking it all to ensure a better life for her unborn son, sula travels from haiti to america. a kaleidoscopic story woven with mythic dreams, “little children dream of god” is the story of a community and its inhabitants on the verge of change and a reconciliation with histories, both cultural and personal. catherine will be reading the role of sula.


catherine just returned from a weeklong development workshop at luna stage of a new play by ben clawson called “the highwater mark,” directed by cheryl katz. catherine played lily. clawson’s description of lily: “lily bursts into the apartment, pulling janet into a tight, needful (not that kind of needful) embrace. lily carries a designer purse that is way bigger than a purse need be. she wears a long, fashionable coat and is dressed as if she is twenty years younger than she is, going out to a bar that isn’t nearly as classy as she thinks.”

Luna Stage


last night was the world premiere of “reparation” by gino diiorio at luna stage with catherine playing the role of chrissy, a woman attempting to acquire a slave burial ground for a condominium project (heavy stuff). directed by jane mandel. the cast includes frankie faison (the wire), shane taylor. music is by famed saxophonist oliver lake. now playing through march 11.

scene from "reparation"

scene from “reparation”


catherine plays the role of victoria page, head of special homicide in the film “twin primes”, currently filming. written and directed by fern lopez, produced by joanie robichaud. dp sal swanton.



catherine is just back from pittsburgh public theater playing electra in frank mcguinness’ adaptation of sophocles tragedy.

below is a link to video coverage of the production directed by artistic director ted pappas with a stellar cast and award-winning design team.

review postings soon to follow.

please check back here in the coming weeks for more on   where catherine’s been, what she’s got going on, and where she’s headed.


the world premier of “michael archangel” is taking place tomorrow night at the fulton opera house in lancaster, pennsylvania. directed by matthew weiner, creator of “mad men”, catherine will be playing the role of anna. the play runs through sunday, may 15.

a scene from "michael archangel"